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We grew like weeds

among the lurid and 

swaying trees.

You reached to touch the sun

with your fingers so long.

You never understood

why it burned.

But finally, like the tree

in the changing fall

we met our purpose

and slowly died 

as we watched our last leaf

float to the


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My name is Samantha. I’m a senior. I’m gladly taken by this wonderful guy named Dante. You can check out his tumblr here: . I have a best friend named Kalynn, and here’s hers: 

I work at taco bell. Employee of the month twice. Window worker and line. Learned how to multitask. And I’m overworked and underpaid.

I love to paint. I’ve been doing it for about a year and it’s weird to see the progression I’ve made.

My biggest passion is cooking, more so baking. I could bake literally all day. Gimmie a recipe and the ingredients and I got you, no problem. I wanna open a coffee shop with a small bakery in it and have really cool hipster music and give it an indie name and it’ll be great.

I do drugs. I don’t drink to much anymore. I don’t think smoking ruins your life and if anything it just makes you hungry and a little lazy. But between school and working as much as I do and as hard as I do, a little lazy time is perfectly fine by me.

I’m smart if I apply myself. But I usually don’t.

Fuck it.

This is my about me. 

Later gattttter.